LEIPZIG LAB was founded in 1992 by Cyberspace GmbH Leipzig as a Network hosting OPEN-LEIPZIG within the MTN cluster [now IT-Cluster]. Over time Multimedia Verlag GmbH, ADS Datavision Systemhaus,[cation], and members of the network VISIT and other members of MTN – Mitteldeutsches Telematik Netzwerk e.V. joined.

Times for virtualization has come. LEIPZIG.LAB speaks English and German. We are top notch, our programs run around the world. Like this one, performed by CyberXStrike as a contribution to Sim Bainbridge’s Self Assessment project: Personality Capture and Emulation.

Sims Bainbrige, Program Director Cyberspace, National Science Foundation with LEIPZIG LAB representant Ervare [Washington DC, 2016]

That’s why LEIPZIG LAB is real virtual and everywhere, same as Gutenberg is. It runs like Honeyminer for bitcoins does, just for you. VISIT and join LEIPZIG LAB as an intern. All coding languages are supported: PHP, Rust, Java, Ruby, Phyton. For creative people we offer to use Swordcoder or 9Chicken. Just Google what this means.

Words from the Sand Bible might fit best:

“… Life is like a steady flow of bitcoins in a clear river running down from the Crater Lake in Oregon.”

Soon you will find Gutenberg everywhere. No matter if the lights will take you West, East, South or NORTH, a machinima NORDLICHTER by our friends In Mitra Medusa Inri we invite you to watch.