Gutenberg and Leipzig have much in common. In fact Gutenberg was born in Mainz and died also there, but his invention made the city of Leipzig famous. Apply for the Gutenberg Prize of the City of Leipzig, existing since 1959. Now another step is a fact: Gutenberg by WordPress.

Watch out for more by Morten Rand-Hendriksen

This site is made by using WordPress – Gutenberg.

Matt Mullenweg took up an input at Wordcamp 2017 LEIPZIG LAB has created about 10 years ago: INFINITE SCREEN.

In the IPSUM Talk Gutenberg VR [Virtual Reality] and Gutenberg AR [Active Reality] was born in BERLIN by LEIPZIG LAB.

Art.Blue about Matt’s vision in an Art Talk on 2018-09-06

Listen to the part where Matt speaks about Gutenberg goes VR.